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Marble TopTables
Restaurants and cafes are clad in marble, their tables marble-topped. Even the area's culinary specialty, Colonnata lard, is salt-cured between slabs of Carrara white marble.
Granite Worktops
In the Kitchen - Granite Worktops. Granite is formed from molton rock over millions of years making it very hard, durable, scratch resistant and an ideal material for the demands of a busy kitchen.
Green Granite
The marble countertops and tub surround are complemented by limestone floor and wall tiles. Tones in the mint green, harlequin-patterned wallpaper are echoed in a dramatic central crystal chandelier from Decorative Crafts with color accents.
Countertops New York
We installed engineered granite countertops in our kitchen in New York, and replaced the old sink with an engineered granite model.
Kitchen Remodeling
The owners of the following kitchens rose to the remodeling challenge by blending old-time charm with a '90s sensibility. And the results are as warm and fresh as goodies from the oven.
Kitchen Countertop
When you choose your countertop, select a color and texture that compliments your cabinetry, floor or paint selection. Don't be afraid to combine two or more countertop materials in one kitchen.

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